This is a mirror of the Xenon G5 Alpha Kit HDD image.

Visit for more information!

Credits go out to the following for their contribution to the project

AlphaDisruptor/Alpha (Wiki creation and extensive hardware testing, 1st working kit)

Demon (Old Wiki creation, information submission, nagging everyone to work on the project :P)

Bowser22/Xe (Obtaining hard drive image, hardware testing)

Borman (Hardware testing)

Yubi (Software analysis)

CodeAsm (Software analysis)

Gunz4Hire/Shadha (Information submission)

Yasen (Information submission)

If you wish to download the full HDD image you can find it here below!

Click to Download (Direct Link!)

Click to Download from MEGA.NZ
Click to Download from
Click to Download from

This is not intended to commit piracy, it is for research to long lost and long dead hardware. Resale is not allowed as it is copyrighted to Microsoft/XBOX. Apple Service Diagnostics is copyrighted to Apple.